Coffee Power Breakfast Talk at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya.

28 MARCH 2018

Brazafric Group C.EO, Mr. Marcos R.G. Brandalise and the Commercial Director, Mr. Readon
Sakwa attended the coffee power breakfast talk, held at safari park hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

The African Fine Coffees Association in Partnership with UTZ invites organized the event
with the key speaker being Mr. Eduardo Sampaio a Representative of campo café e cacao –
Brasil. In attendance was Mr. Meli the Coffee Board Director in Kenya and many other
coffee stakeholders.

The talk focus was on ‘Coffee Production and Youth Involvement in in coffee in the Next
Generation’ an amazing platform for the coffee farmers and the Kenyan youth at large to
learn and share lessons on farming for the next generation.

Brazafric Group is supporting such initiatives not only in Kenya, but also in the whole
Eastern Africa region. We are looking for organized group of farmers to join us and benefit
from our expertise and network to become our agents, training youth to operate and
support our equipment and solutions.