Feed the School Program (FSP)

Feed the School Program (FSP)

The Feed the School Program (FSP) goal is to create a bond with local community and create a win-win relationship where the school procures quality maize and beans at fair prices from the local smallholder farmers belonging to the school community.
The school will store sufficient quantities, to sustain the feeding needs of the school while achieving significant savings by buying when the prices are low, but still fair prices to farmers. The facility offers safe storage that is less labour intensive and has minimal storage losses. A small mill included in the program will achieve further reliability and savings on milling
charges, transport and labour requirement for loading and off-loading. Further, the school will only mill flour as per required quantities per day ensuring nutritional values of the milled grains are maximized and maintained. The solution will include a grain storage unit and a small maize mill.

FSP is ideal for:

Day or boarding schools.
Schools of all sizes.
Rural or Urban location.
Maize/Beans or other grain storage.


Minimal storage losses = Better margins /-profitability.
Empowers the schools to have a better control on their food stocks, (maize and other grains) =Food security.
Opportunity to buy grains at fair prices from local community = improve money circulation in the locality.
Community based solution = closer working relationship between the school and members of the community.
Opportunity to upgrade with extra equipment for school consumption or resale of flour to the local community = additional Revenue.
•Ensure food security, food quality and ultimately improved food nutrition for school children = Sustainable approach.

FSP objectives

• Link the schools with SHF for sustainable win-win relationship.
• Relieve schools from high grain flour price and volatility.
• Create sustainable economic growth in the school locality.
• Long term saving and revenue streams for schools.
• Improve on food security and Nutrition at school level.

FSP solution

Kikapu silo
The silo is made up of galvanized steel , and is ideal for storage of all grains with moisture content as high as 13% since the silo is fitted with an aeration system powered by a DC motor powered with solar panel.

• It is incorporated with a body ladder to gain access to the rooftop to feed Manually.
• Fitted with articulated arm to ease in the lifting of grain in bags.
• Has a slide gate at the bottom to ease discharge and bagging of grain.
• Fitted with a solar powered aeration system to help on grain conservation.
• Easy to install and maintain.

Used for milling Maize into flour to standard fit for human consumption.


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