Integrated African Model Farm (IAMF)

Integrated African Model Farm (IAMF)

“Why is BrazAfric in a unique position to launch Model Farms in Africa?”
BrazAfric is a commercial company supporting all stages of the agricultural process, from pre-processing to post harvesting, with a vested interest in growing the entire agricultural industry in the region
BrazAfric has 22 years experience and success in sourcing and supplying agricultural equipment for the African agricultural context
BrazAfric sources mainly from Brazil – which has agricultural equipment solutions that have been tried and tested in successful agricultural settings, with similar soil and climatic conditions as Sub-Saharan Africa

Braz Group’s interest in setting up a Model Farm
Integrated African Model Farm

A way to demonstrate an integrated farming model which shows how appropriate equipment can leverage the entire farming system for the benefit of all (from smallholders to large processors and buyers).
A place to demonstrate and apply modern farming and value addition processes with the appropriate technology which can be supplied and repaired locally (through open days, field days and exhibitions, etc.)
A place to service and repair equipment that can be bought, rented, leased, or bought back for refurbishment and then resold or leased as used equipment.
A place that can be used to train farmers on how to most effectively use and maintain the equipment and apply it to improving farming methods.


Element I: Modern Agriculture Possibilities

  • Conservation Agriculture – Zero Tillage.
  • Combination of crops, livestock, maize, pastures.
  • Multi-cropping – beans, lentils, soybeans etc.
  • Irrigation options.
  • Other possibilities – reforestation & pastures.
  • Post-harvest solutions – grains, dryers & silos

Element II: Agro-Processing & Value-Addition

  • Grain Cleaning, Grading and Packaging Plants.
  • Flour Mill Plants.
  • Seed Processing & Packaging Plants .
  • Animal Genetics & Lab. Services.
  • Milk Processing Plants.
  • Animal Feed Processing Plants.
  • Technical School Training Facilities.
  • Fruit Processing Plants.
  • Renewable Energy Alternatives.

Main Components
Sustainable Agriculture

  • Conservation Agriculture (zero tillage).
  • Multi-cropping (traditional existing crops & addition of new high value crops).
  • Intercropping (crops and pastures).
  • Proven modern and fully mechanized farming.
  • Irrigation through water reservoirs, drip etc.
  • Grain handling, drying and storage.

Environmental Conservation

  • Soil conservation and recovery.
  • Agro forestry, reforestation & pastures.
  • Sustainable use of water: water harvesting, water recycling …
  • Renewable energies: solar, biomass, wind etc.
  • Full utilization of bio waste.

Technology Transfer

  • Hybrid crops and animal breeds adaptable to the tropics.
  • Partnership with reputable international & local schools, research institutes: student exchange programs etc.
  • Training students from local communities on equipment operation, maintenance, farming methods.
  • BrazAgro – one stop shop for the farmer.


  • Modern post-harvesting processing techniques.
  • Value addition to crops & animal products.
  • Brand creation.

Project Goals

  • Economic
    • Optimize resource use for sustainable wealth creation to project investors and small holder farmers.
    • Bring agro-industries to rural areas, ensuring full purchase of outgrowers’ produce and eliminating middlemen.
    • Avail ready market for the project’s outputs (local, regional & international).
    • Diversify income & increase profitability (via multi-cropping and value addition).


    • Discourage rural-urban migration – rural area development.
    • Alleviate poverty by improving farmers’ earnings & generating value employment.
    • Facilitate potential finance to smallholder farmers – enhance their productivity.
    • Improve food security and nutrition in rural areas.


    • Transfer appropriate  technology, knowledge & technical back-up assurance at competitive price (BrazAfric & BrazAgro).
    • Train farmers on mechanization, improved farming practices & techniques.
    • Supply farmers with improved seeds, farm inputs & equipment.
    • Advance farmers with appropriate animals, embryos & semen suitable for tropical conditions.


    • Promote renewable energy use in the project and by out-growers.
    • Encourage tree planting (reforestation & afforestation) and discourage deforestation.
    • Support soil conservation and recovery through conservation agriculture.
    • Support water conservation through water reservoirs.

    Main Benefits of Integrated African Model Farm

    • Development to underdeveloped rural areas.
    • Positive social impact (organized out-grower schemes & extension services).
    • Food security & nutrition (quality & increased productivity).
    • Sustainable environmental conservation.
    • Wealth creation to investors and communities of farmers.
    • Creation of quality jobs (value employment) and opportunities to communities.

    Project Requirements



    • Adequate land (good soils, enough rainfall, favorable weather conditions).
    • Good accessibility (roads).
    • Availability of utilities (electricity and water) whenever possible.
    • Free of conflicts.
    • Minimum of 50 years lease or contract.


    • Appropriate long-term finance at international interest rates.
    • Accessibility to grants for the project.
    • Appropriate repayment periods through crop cycle.
    • Grace period on repayments.
    • Affordable financing options to smallholder farmers.

    Technical Assistance

    • Feasibility studies.
    • Free/subsidized expertise support.
    • Cooperation with leading research institutions (ILRI, WALTON SCHOOL, EMBRAPA, KARI, NGOs …)
    • Other project partners.


    • Project management by concept owners (optional).
    • Outsourcing expertise.
    • Potential for other partners (NGOs, genetics, technical school, …)
    • BrazAfric and BrazAgro supply of machinery & equipment: Full assurance of quality, competitive prices and backup services.

    Government Policies

    • Tax exemptions.
    • Finance incentives.
    • Attractive policies for investors.
    • Seeds and genetic material imports facilitation.
    • Concession on importation of project requirements.

Together for a stronger future

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