Automatic Packaging & Baling Machine

Automatic packaging & baling machine with different types of feeders configurations. It is capable to package up to 120 packages per minute.
European Certification CE.
Velocity until 120 ppm.
Pneumatic & electric panel with IP65 protection.
Open-close device with dry brush system moved by servomotor.
Built in carbon steel SAE 1020 with special & anti corrosive, treatment & painted with electrostatic epoxy in powder paint.
Fixed table.
Fixed support for vertical seal, set up by the central pneumatic cylinder with pressure regulations.
Frequency inverter controlled by PLC, making it possible to control the velocity of the equipment model.
Out feeding conveyor for finished packages.

Square bottom.
Hole punch.
Automatic roll centralizer.
Dust collector.
Auxiliary horizontal sealing.
Ending date coder tape system.
Hole pricker.
Hot stamp date coder.
Static eliminator.
Photo Eye /optic fibre.
Ending roll system.
Open-close system by servo motor.


Technical description
Model: Automatic packaging & baling machine Ultra R7.
Width of the already package: 50mm up to 300mm.
Length of the already package: 80mm up to 450mm.
Maximum width of the roll: 520mm (G line up to 630mm) with quick change centralizer.
Maximum diameter of the roll: 350 mm & 100 Kg.
Pneumatic feeding: Consumption /Air 1100l/min. Pressure 7 bar.
Air compressor (piston): 40 ft 3/min continuous regime of high pressure.
Electrical specifications: 3 phase 220v/380v – 50/60Hz (other specifications under consultant).
Electric consumption: 3,7 kw/h (basic version).