Chain Conveyor R 100

The Chain Conveyor type RA is the most versatile means of transportation for granular, bran and powdery products.
Its head, on the side of the activation by gearmotor, manufactured with a widely dimensioned steel plate, endowed with a clogging indicator to ensure the integrity of the machine and the installation.
Its metallic body consists of screwed plates with a dismountable bottom, which enables its easy maintenance.
The bottom plate has a section of tracks built of a material highly resistant to friction, which allows a long life cycle to the bottom and the chain, besides highly reducing the noise of the equipment.
Its tail is endowed of a returning mechanism and a stretching system for the chain through rods that act on movable bearings.
Made of treated steel providing high tensile strength, the chain is dimensioned for each type of project, depending on the product and length of use.
The chain conveyor can be built with a double simple box and an intermediate bottom placed on receiving hoppers as required for the project setup.
Depending on the aimed use and type of product, the chain can be endowed of a self-cleaning system by the introduction of product recovery buckets besides bottom cleaning draggers.


Model: R 100
Dimensions in meters: (A 550) (B 350) (C 550) (D 280) (E 160) (F 300) (G 55) (H 100) (I 50) (J 400) (L 400) (M 120) (N 130) (O 135) (P 231)
(Q 90) (R Ø 35) (S 280) (T 182) (see layout for ref)
Weight: 50.5 Kg