Manual Pulper

This are units with drum pulper technology to ensure gentle pulping of the ripe cherries.The shaft is made of steel and firmly supported at both ends to avoid loosening and “wobbling” during operation that normally causes pulper damage.

Non- clog lever; the unit is provided with a lever to facilitate non-clogging of cherries at the hopper.
The base of the unit comes with ready slots providing provision to incorporate a metallic stand to be made locally as per site situation.
Adjustment: the unit consists of double adjustment nuts on each end of the brisket to facilitate back and frontal adjustment dependant with the size of cherries that vary from time to time, season to season and location to location.
The quality of the unit can be established from the slotted profile above, type of material used and the Nett weight of 25Kgs per unit. You may compare this weight with other available models in the market. This quality aspect guarantees durability to the end user.


Manual pulper Dimensions

Model: Manual pulper DPM-02
Dimensions: A 0,29m B 0,49 C 0,225 D,0,58m E,0,25m
Weight: 22,5 kg