Pulper Ecoflex-6


  • Exclusive green separation system.
  • Simple adjustment and easy operation.
  • Metal platform reduces construction cost.
  • Capacity from 1,000 to 16,000 L.
  • Bark, pulp and fibers because they are not crushed do not reach water reservoirs, rivers and dams.
  • Assembly can be assembled into parts (modular).
  • Low water consumption per kg of processed coffee.
  • Ease of maintenance and replacement of cylinders.


Technical description

Model: Pulper ECOFLEX-6.

Dimensions in meters: (A 2,85) (B 1,15) (C 0,85) (D -)

(E -) (F -)(G 0,80) (H 0.65) (I 0,40)  (see layout for ref).

Capacity in l/h-kg/h: 4.000/2.400

Electric motor hp sve: 5 quantity 1.

Electric motor hp pulper: 2 quantity 1.

Electric motor hp dmpe: 5 quantity 1.