Sorter Baler

Equipment developed to group and baling horizontally products such as diapers, paper towels, towels and similar female.
By using a pick and place system with accumulator device, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the product, once the bundle is formed horizontally from a roll of plastic film.
In addition to improving the speed of the process and provide a significant reduction in operating costs compared to the use of pre-formed bales, this baling system offers no risk of damage to the product, preserving its shape and characteristic.


Electrical consumption: 6 KVA
Electrical specifications: 220/380 / 440V
Pneumatic consumption: 600 L / min
Maximum open coil width: 1,600 mm
Maximum coil diameter: 250 mm
Packing: Low density polyethylene
Dimensions of the equipment: L = 1950 / C = 6100 / H = 2650