Eco Super Pulper

The Eco – Super is an equipment using new technology to remove the outer flesh of the coffee cherry (pulp) without water.
The recently launched ECO SUPER pulper offers this unique combination of two high-tech pinhalense machines that now operate without water. In other words, the well known advantages of the pinhalense pulping system are now offered by a zero-water-requirement machine. The ECO SUPER follows up on pinhalense’s tradition of being the pulping system in the market with the least damage to parchment and coffee, the least parchment lost with the pulp and the least pulp mixed with parchment now with the added advantage of zero water consumption.

· Pulping of coffee cherries without the use of water
· Separates unripe cherries before pulping
· High performance
· Lower energy consumption
· No parchment lost with pulp
· Very little if any pulp mixed with parchment
· The least physical damage to parchment
· Easy to maintain and to replace the cylinder
. Modular design and easy to install