Sasini Coffee Mill Open Day, 8th Dec. 2017

Brazafric Group participated in the Sasini Field day on Friday, 8th December 2017, in Kiambu central in Kenya. This is an annual open day held every end of year by Sasini Coffee Mills Ltd which is organized and coordinated by Mr. James Muriithi the General Manager of Sasini coffee mill.
Brazafric was amongst the invited exhibitors in the event and we’re showcasing fast-moving goods to smallholder farmers majorly farm tools, including: Shade Nets, Machetes, Secateurs, Knapsack sprayers, pruning shears etc. led by the portfolio manager – Felista Mathei (On the Right).
The event was attended by more than a thousand (1,000) smallholder farmers representing various cooperative societies in the country who showed great interest in our range of goods including our various solutions of coffee processing equipment.