Smallholder Farmer Kit (SHF)

Smallholder Farmer Kit (SHF)

With the need to upgrade the Small Scale Farmer to level of modernization and sustenance. The African Smallholder Farmers needs to be provided and assured of Adequate Technology & Information, Quality Products, Back-up Service and Original Spare Parts amongst others.
Smallholder Farmer (SHF) Kit is the vehicle to address this need. It is built on the foundation of KITs (baskets) of farm tools and equipment required on day to day that SHF needs at the farm level. It starts at the basic necessities and envisions to grow the SHF to attain full mechanization overtime through its direct benefits. Each KIT targets SHF farmer in specific farming activity whether done separately or collectively by the same SHF.

Smallholder Farmer kit consists of:

  • Basic Kit.
  • Tea Kit.
  • Horticulture Kit.
  • Coffee Kit.
  • Cereal Kit.
  • Dairy Kit.
  • Mechanization Kit.

How will SHF KIT work

  • S.H.F accept technology and solutions.
  • S.H.F accept liability on purchases.
  • SACCOs finance or purchase on behalf of SHF.
  • NGOs linkage to other finance methods.
  • Government affirmative actions.

Purpose of SHF KIT

  • Livelihood improvement:Help to transform the present SHF subsistence status, into allowing them to produce in excess of his family requirements and sell to the market, building up savings or/and improve his family livelihood.
  • Creation of extra income to group of SHF: Create a relationship with organized SHF groups to trade with good quality, guaranteed goods at competitive prices with the aim of developing such groups to become BRAZAFRIC dealers.
  • Opportunity to youth and quality job creation: The goal is to select and train 1 youth per 100 farmers who acquire the kits to become a BRAZAFRIC technician-promoter-salesman of the kits and other selected products traded by BRAZAFRIC.
  • Capacity building: For every 10 youth selected and trained by BRAZAFRIC personnel, the best one will be selected to be trained in Brazil on the factories of the BRAZAFRIC partners.
  • Quality assurance and long lasting equipment: All kits quality is guaranteed for minimum one year from the date of purchase with some items to be serviced FREE OF CHARGE (F.O.C.) except for normal worn out parts within that one year.
  • Reliability, functionality & efficiency: The SHF group itself (selected youth)  will ensure serviceability, training and troubleshooting of the equipment sold to SHF.

Affordable finance to farmers: The finance package to group of SHFs will allow the farmer to buy quality and guaranteed products financed for a period of one year by BRAZAFRIC finance partners, at competitive rates and possibly with payments following the crop cycle to avoid unnecessary stress to farmers to maintain monthly installments.


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